Let's get real for a moment. 

If you’ve ever felt the hot breath of the world’s order down your neck, then you know the struggles of trying to carve out a space for yourself. The creeping deadlines, the self-compromise required of us, day in and day out, 

And somewhere in this mess, you’ve got a vision.  

Your vision, your dream, your one passion that’s stayed with you through disaster and fire: ever-present and unshakable.  

Make something of your dream. Take back control of even some tiny portion of your life. Reclaim some of your time and energy for something you can be proud of at the end of it all. 

Above all, hold valuable your freedom. 

So, if your arms are tired from swimming against the current, if the calendar landslide has ever buried you, if the heroes always find your self-destruct button at the most inopportune times,  

Welcome home.

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